How Can Swollen Gums Affect You?

*How Can Swollen Gums Affect You?* When we take good care of our oral health, this means safeguarding both the teeth and gums. However, not all people are aware of this idea as they think that protecting the teeth alone can prevent them from different dental problems. Swollen gums are among the most common gum problems today and may even require dental implants. This dilemma could result to gum disease. Gum disease destroys the bones and tissues that support the teeth which could lead to several health problems. Apparently, instant help regarding this problem is at reached through emergency dentists . As what is explained earlier, red swollen can cause gum disease. This is because gums are inflamed and bulging abnormally which causes them to bleed. Red swollen gums normally have several triangular-shaped bits which are situated right near the teeth. When gums start to swell they block the neighboring tooth. With that, inflicted individuals tend to experience gingivitis – the mildest form of gum disease. Gingivitis exists due to countless bacteria named dental plaques. Dental plaques can be removed through proper brushing and flossing. However, these may lead to dental tartar when they are neglected. Plaques contain bacteria and food debris which gradually destroys the wellness and aesthetic of the teeth. In addition, swollen gums include tooth sensitivity, bad breath and bleeding especially when brushing and flossing the teeth. Truly, swollen gums are prevalent today. Aside from gum disease, this dilemma can also be acquired due to poor nutrition, fungal infection, hormonal changes, medications and ill-fitting dentures . With its increasing risks, several treatments are offered by dental experts globally. The most efficient swollen gum treatment is the removal of plaques and tartar. This can be attained through regular dental cleanings and non-surgical procedures such as SRP treatment. Scaling and root planning procedure prevents the development of gingivitis. This is because it can reverse the unwanted effects of gum disease. In terms of advanced form of periodontal disorder, dentists may suggest ongoing treatments for swollen gums. Self-care tips and remedies are also offered to prevent swollen gums. These tips include: *Proper Oral Hygiene –* Brushing and flossing the teeth is the most basic yet effective mean in avoiding swollen gums. This can eliminate bacteria, food debris and plaques which result to healthier teeth and gums. Proper oral hygiene also includes regular dental visits. This monitors your teeth and gums and detects whether you’re affected by swollen gums or not. *Balanced Diet –* Eating healthy foods is also an asset in protecting the teeth from dental problems like swollen gums. Foods equipped with vitamin C and calcium reduces the probability of swollen gums. Lastly, drinking adequate amount of water helps remove food debris stuck in your teeth. *Avert Bad Oral Habits –* Swollen gums mostly exist due to bad oral habits. Aside from irritating the gums, smoking and chewing tobacco can also lead to gum disease. As an alternative, avoid smoking cigars and drinking alcohol; always choose lukewarm food and beverages to treat red swollen gums. There are numerous ways to protect our teeth and gums. Remember that protecting the oral health means safeguarding the entire body considering the fact that both of them are entirely connected. With that, always consult your dentist and stay healthy!