Cold Sores – Facts, Symptoms and Treatments

*Cold Sores – Facts, Symptoms and Treatments* Cold sores make us human. It’s a normal condition that is typically experienced by individuals. Also known as fever blisters, cold sores are composed of small blisters which exist around the lip. Blisters often have color red, swollen and sore skin which may leak and open after a few days with a clear fluid. In most cases, cold sores heal by themselves for at least 2 weeks. You can contact emergency dentist Mesa AZ for more details regarding cold sores. Fever blisters are harmless, but extremely painful and contagious. During the outbreak of cold sores, you can literally feel that this condition is packed with tons of pain. Indeed, this condition is frustrating. Research shows that there are over 60% of individuals who suffer from the virus affiliated by cold sores. HSV-1 is the main carrier of cold sores which commonly appears on the face and lips of a person. Cold sore virus accumulates before reaching the age of 10. Since this condition is transmittable, meaning, this can be acquired through saliva via kissing and the likes. Oral herpes cold sores generally evolve in 5 stages. These stages are named as tingle stage, blister stage, ulcer stage, crusting stage and healing stage. Cold sores are inevitable. Once you are affected by this condition, you have no choice but to face them. Since cold sore cannot be escape, there are still effective tips to minimize it. The progression of cold sores is feasible. To avoid from passing it to someone else, you need to consult your dentist first. With the help of your dentist, you can properly diagnose cold sore herpes. This can be achieved through visual examination. Your medical history is also asked and evaluated by your dentist. Additional tests may also involve especially when you are under medication and serious illness. Cold sores are manageable and can be minimized. This is through prescribed medications provided by your opted physician or dentist. Acyclovir is the most common medication for cold sore herpes. This antiviral drug can shorten the existence of cold sores. Zovirax (a type of Acyclovir) is available in two options: cream and ointment. This can be directly applied to cold sores regardless of its outbreak stage. Natural therapies are also used in terms of minimizing cold sores. These homeopathic treatments can prevent cold sores from coming. These treatments are known as lysine supplements, reishi supplements and Resveratrol cream. Needless to say, seek professional help first prior to using such treatments. Dental problems like cold sores are manageable and preventable. The most basic step to attain this is to live a healthy lifestyle . Living a healthy way of life means reducing stress and boosting immune system. To enhance one’s immune system, you must consider taking vitamins and stress-reducing activities like yoga. Vitamins can help resist cold sores from coming. Cold sores may not be serious but it should be monitor closely. In case your cold sores are strangely alive even after two weeks, you must consult your dentist. Remember that cold sores can lead to serious infection which may put your life in danger. Always keep in mind that practicing healthy lifestyle can impede you from different types of illnesses like cold sores. If you are experience any symptoms call today!