Why Consider IV Sedation Dentistry?

*Why Consider IV Sedation Dentistry?* When we talk about getting the right dental treatment, some may find it exciting while others find it difficult and scary. If you are under the spell of dental anxiety, then you may understand this predicament. Dental anxiety isn’t something easy to handle. It requires great amount of patience and understand. Patients who have this kind of problem normally experience fear towards the dentist or to the treatment itself. Great news is that this can now be handled through sedation. By clicking here , you can now uncover few things about sedation. IV sedation dentistry is the most common type of sedative applied to the patient whenever he gets anxious or scared while facing a treatment. IV sedation means ‘into the vein’ or intravenous which is typically called as sleep dentistry. Apparently, getting shot with this tool doesn’t mean you’ll fall asleep instead you’ll become drowsy but 100% conscious. Since you’ll remain conscious, you can easily respond to your dentist’s request. However, be reminded that IV sedation doesn’t block the pain, it only ease the discomfort. In short, you’d still need the presence of local anesthesia to prevent the pain from coming. There are different pros and cons of dental IV sedation. The very first advantage is it could eliminate the memory of the procedure. IV sedation is composed of a certain drug which allows you to forget the dental experience with your dentist. The second advantage is IV sedation incorporates needle-free procedure. This is very beneficial to patients who have issues with pointy objects like injections. This can also be used in treating gag reflex problems and is also two-times efficient compared to oral sedation. Since every individual has a different case, the dosage of this drug is measured according to the patient’s condition. Even though IV sedation is favorable to most, this doesn’t stop the unwanted effects from coming. The first drawback of IV sedation is the cost itself. Normally, IV sedation integrates a price range from $220 to $390 per hour. This means that IV sedation is not quite affordable. Apart from that, using IV sedation may also mean dealing with needles as this tool is paired with local anesthesia. Dental IV sedation is truly an excellent alternative in terms of easing anxiety . Although they have their risks, still they remain wanted by some patients. Of course, be sure to speak with your dentist before choosing this tool. So what are you waiting for? Ease that fear of yours and be remedied with IV sedation.


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