Dental Problems and Breathing

The Relationship of Dental Problems to Mouth Breathing

The act of taking in oxygen is a naturally done via nose breathing. This innate behavior allows lungs to acquire ample amount of oxygen and helps release carbon dioxide to the air. Nose breathing immediately ensue the time we get born. This process fuels the body while allowing the blood to move thru circulatory system. Although we got to relish this process day by day, certain conditions restrict this from taking place.

The most common blockers are sinus infections, colds, broken nose and allergies. These conditions prevent nose breathing results to mouth breathing. Mouth breathing is normal, yes. But when human tongues are forced to lie at the bottom of the mouth – that’s when dental problems start to arise. This fact is proved by some dental offices.

According to research, there are two ways to get oxygen. One is mouth breathing and then nose breathing.

Unlike mouth breathing, nose breathing allows oral health system stay intact. This allows your tongue to press-up against the mouth roof naturally. Since mouth breathing forces tongue to lie down, this can cause several adverse effects to the oral health, like imbalance production of saliva. When saliva flow is restricted, dry mouth and bad breath comes in. If left ignore, this condition develops and advances.

One of the extreme effects of mouth breathing is malocclusion. Also known as crooked teeth, malocclusion is a condition that requires dental braces. Malocclusion narrows the upper jaw. This orthodontic problem is best defined as the misalignment of your teeth. In most cases, individuals called this as buck teeth. Another effect of mouth breathing is periodontal disease. Since inadequate reproduction of saliva contributes dry mouth, bad oral bacteria are allowed to flourish and multiply. Dry mouth enhances tooth decay and gum disease. Without immediate action, gum disease advances which may affect the tissues and other mouth parts that support the teeth.

Individuals need oxygen on a daily basis. Hence, if you have long-term issues on nose breathing and is solely relying on mouth breathing, consult a dentist instantly. Several medications are given that will help you overcome the problem.

Always remember that oral health is an open window to your general wellness. Therefore, consider professional consultations regularly to maintain well-balanced oral health.