Different Fluoride-Sources You Shouldn’t Miss

When it comes to fighting cavities, fluoride comes on the top list. The natural compound is discovered to protect teeth and fight cavity-causing agents, like sugar. Based on experts, fluoride is easy to acquire. No question why a lot of people today don’t mind about getting decayed tooth. Dentists conveyed that the number one source to get fluoride is the community water supplies in which consumers can relish the substance conveniently.Different Fluoride-Sources You Shouldn’t Miss

However, not all places have water fluoridation. As a result, they become extremely prone to a handful of dental problems.

Fortunately, individuals who love black tea could be an exemption. Why? It is because black tea contains fluoride. Recent research shows, a cup of black tea holds 9 milligrams of fluoride which obviously might obtain more if it is mixed from fluoridated waters. Another rare source of fluoride is salt. According to experts, salt fluoridation started in 1955. And it is discovered as among the effective ways to fight cavities and boost dental health. Presently, there are fifteen countries using this process.

Fluoride supply can also be obtained from parsley. Parsleys are herbals. This fights bad breath and enhances dental health; courtesy to the chlorophyll level of this herb where it naturally produces fluoride. More often than not, parsleys are seen in various toothpaste products. Manufacturers used this herbal as an additive or ingredient to fight cavity-causing agents.

Although fluoride is the best substance to fight dental issues and promote good oral health, excess use of this compound can use the otherwise.

While individuals give so much respect to this compound, you must learn that extreme use of fluoride causes fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is a condition where your teeth acquire white patches. Besides destroying your smile, this dilemma can trigger several health problems, like stomach pain and allergic reactions. Therefore, it always pays to consult an effective and trusted dentist to ensure teeth from adverse reactions caused by fluoride.

Fluoride plays an important role to your life. In fact, using this compound help you sustain a healthy and improving dental health. Just make sure you use it right. To find out how, talk to a professional dentist that is open on Saturday right away.