The Importance, Advantages and Risks of Dental Implants

As years pass by, dentistry – particularly the implant dentistry – has been surprisingly evolving. This branch has been offering advanced dental techniques that every patient can relish. Implant dentistry is all about enhancing the appearance of the teeth while giving strong foundation within it – just like the natural ones. Patients who have oral problems like tooth loss has been a great issue for countless inhabitants in the past. However, with the aid of dental implants, this problem is now a breeze.

But before anything else, what are dental implants? What makes it important? And what are its advantages and risks?


Dental implants are artificial tooth which are permanently fused on the patient’s jaw. They are made from metal posts that can create strong foundation, resembling the natural tooth. Most of the time, implants are used for missing tooth problems. Technically, this procedure is aiding the aesthetics of the teeth specifically those who have no guts to show their smile. Dental implants feature numerous advantages that every individual can make the most of. One of its great advantages is the color that blends with the natural ones. With this, people cannot notice that you are wearing an artificial one. Since dental implants are functioning like the natural ones, a patient may now find it easy to speak and eat. Implants have the capability to eliminate discomfort. Due to this, a patient can now eat whatever he likes unlike dentures. Dentures may fall off because they are only temporarily attached to the gums. If you have an emergency citation visit us at

In addition to the convenience, dental implants can also improve patient’s self-confidence. Since implants improve the teeth’s appearance, flashing a celebrity smile is no longer an issue. Dental implants are durable and could last a lifetime as well just like your natural teeth. Of course, this can only be done if you paired it with proper oral hygiene such as thorough brushing. According to research, no one can guarantee the number of years of dental implants. But like the real teeth, implants can be as durable as it can be if it’s applied with the right oral routines such as regular dental checkups. Moreover, there are studies that show that implants can maximize oral health. This benefit is among the greatest attribute that all dental implant patients can savor. Based on studies, implants can provide easier access on between teeth, leaving the teeth intact. In short, it can provide full support on the bridge and teeth.


Dental implants have 98% success rate. However, there are also risks attached to this procedure. One downside effect is the cost. Since dental implants are not covered by insurances, patients may find it difficult to suffice the said method. Due to this, finding a dental office that can provide exquisite discounts is advised. Also, dental implants are not made for everybody. In other words, not all people are good candidate for this procedure. To be one, you need to healthy – not just orally but entirely. Apart from that, implants can also give you swelling a couple of days after the surgery.


Regardless, always keep in mind to handle the implants properly. Even though they are durable, they could still be affected by tons of oral diseases that can destroy its aesthetics. Remember, our oral health is intertwined with our entire health.