Perks & Major Setbacks of Sun to Dental Health

Perks & Major Setbacks of Sun to Dental Health

Sun is really essential to us. The flaming star isn’t only helpful in providing light, heat and life but it also treats inevitable difficulties. Based on research, sunlight can enhance heart health. It can also help proper food digestion, fight anxiety and body pain, lower your blood pressure, alleviate depression and improve dental health. Thanks to Vitamin D.

The sun is known to carry Vitamin D. This vitamin is known as sunshine vitamin that helps fight bone loss and dental problems.

According to analysis, over 8 percent of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency. And health professionals discovered that most natural way to fight the problem – and that is through sun exposure. Research shows, vitamin D is essential to your bone. It can generate calcium which is extremely helpful in building strong bones and promoting good oral health.

Nowadays, a lot of health experts considered vitamin D as the most beneficial nutrient. Besides reducing risks for bone fractures, this can help boost your teeth’s development. The said vitamin is also utilized to fight osteoporosis and weak immune system. However, with too much sun exposure, it can trigger another outbreak.

Experts proved the risks associated with too much sun exposure. The most common infection triggered by sun exposure is cold sore. These tiny oral blisters often exist on your lip and cheeks. Cold sores are considered minor infections. Although the said virus naturally heals, it’s very important to monitor the outbreak of this problem. Aside from that, cold sores may contribute to serious dental problems, including mouth cancer. This is the main cause why dental professionals suggested sun protection factor or SPF 15 to your lips to fight the said outbreak while you enjoy the sun.

Caution should be done before enjoying the sun. Individuals who lack vitamin D are advised to consider sun protection factor or even sun sensor patch that can limit them from sun exposure. Most cases, sun exposure should only last for 10 minutes per day.

If you want to learn more how sun can impact your dental health, visit a 24 hour emergency dentist today.