The Teeth Destroyers

If there are good elements that promote dental health, there are also elements that are called teeth destroyers.  They only do one thing – to destroy teeth and promote dental problems. That is why all individuals are given precaution, especially during holidays and special events like: Halloweens, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These celebrations are reported to be one of the most common significant occasions that cause dental problems. After all, special occasions are about wines, acidic drinks and sugary foods.The Teeth Destroyers

Despite the technology and availability of dental care, some individuals find it hard to resist bad oral habits. As a result, their teeth become exposed to cavities and gum disease. The majority of these individuals rely on dental treatments and don’t  care whether tooth decays affect their teeth.

If you’re one of them, the examples below might change your mind.

Oral hygiene is the most popular method that promotes a healthy teeth and body. By brushing your teeth twice per day for two minutes, dental plaques and food traces are eliminated and prevented from spreading. Of course, the deed is paired with dental flossing. Dental floss is a thin filament that removes food elements. Their primary task is to maintain plaque-free teeth by cleaning the areas which cannot be reached by your toothbrush. The filaments are carefully scraped in between teeth. By doing it once a day, dental problems are remained at bay.

As outlined by research, dental neglect is the number teeth destroyer. Among its allies are:

Persistent use of Bottled Waters: Water is a man’s basic need. You cannot live a day without it. This essential beverage fights dehydration, boosts metabolism and transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. However, the beverage mounted in a bottle is a different case. Studies show, bottled waters are not helpful in maximizing dental health and general wellness. In fact, it does the otherwise.

For many years, community water fluoridation is treated by many as part of dental health program. The added fluoride is important in enhancing dental health and fighting future dental problems unlike bottled waters. Based on experts, bottled waters lack fluoride. No wonder why those who rely so much with bottles have higher chances of tooth decay and cavities. Bottled waters are not like community waters that have sources of fluoride. In fact, it is powered with BPA. BPA or Bisphenol A which is a dangerous substance that can cause health problems, like cancer. Since the compound is created from plastics, it is risky when ingested and bad for your teeth.

Tongue Piercing for your feelings: As outlined by research, tongue piercing causes infection and destroys your perfect smile. This is proven by the findings where the majority of individuals with tongue piercings acquired mid-line spaces between the front teeth. Thanks to the attached metal. Moreover, tongue piercing is discovered to contribute to malocclusion. Also known as crooked teeth, malocclusion is a condition that affects your bite courtesy to the adornment anchored in the muscle. Unlike those without a tongue pierce, individuals with these metals are forcing their tongues to move forward which affect the forms of their gum lines. Due to the pressure, dental gaps start to form.

Excessive drinking of Soda or Sports Drinks: All individuals around the globe love sports drinks and sodas. This is verified by the annual rate of soda drinkers where it marked around 13 billion gallons. Soda drinks are tasty and sweet. Of course, these carbonated drinks are powered by sugars but lack with nutritional value, said by researchers. Consistent usage of these drinks could contribute to a handful of dental problems, such as tooth decay, cavities and tooth discoloration.

Since carbonated drinks are famous in destroying teeth, dentists encouraged individuals to limit their use of this drink. As an alternative, they are advised with water and sugar-free drinks.They are not also susceptible to health-related problems caused by carbonated liquids, like diabetes and obesity.

The three teeth destroyers are only one of the common offenders in dentistry. If you want to learn more about the other cronies, visit a dental salonin Mesa for at least twice per year. The deed will keep you updated about your dental health. And will help you fight future dental issues.