What Makes Seniors Much Prone to Dental Cavities?

There are lots of things to consider when achieving healthier teeth. Some say it’s an obligation to make our teeth stronger to make it live longer. However, not all of us spend time on regular hygiene. As a result, kids, teens and adults become exposed to dental problems, like dental cavities. Yes, you read it right. Even adults and seniors suffer from cavities. Unfortunately, seniors think it’s a stage of aging. For tooth pain experiences, go to an emergency room for your tooth pain.

What Makes Seniors Much Prone to Dental Cavities

Cavities are common with kids. No wonder why most adults pay less attention to regular brushing and flossing. Sad to say, it’s a bad move for seniors to neglect dental care. Oral cavity is an effect often suffered if you skip brushing and flossing. This culprit promotes serious illnesses that may compromise dental health. Great news, there are now several ways to address this problem. Thanks to advanced dental treatments, like filling!

Obviously, no matter how many treatments made for cavities, nothing can beat the original and natural. This is why most of us are reminded always to protect teeth from dental problems.

As we age, we should not take dental care for granted. In fact, dental care becomes more important as we get aged. Sad fact is not all seniors recognize this. Based on research, aging exposes us to great risks of dental problems. Jawbone deterioration, receding or swollen gums and wearing of tooth enamel are the common effects of aging. Good news is we can slower down aging. Dental care is the living proof of that.

Due to current dental technology, individuals, like seniors find it easier now to achieve wholesome dental health. Unfortunately, there are risks factors that make seniors much prone to cavities.

Seniors lack fluoride. This factor alone exposes them to cavities. One of the most common grounds why this predicament is that most seniors have no benefits to community water fluoridation. With all the bottled waters today, seniors are declined to their needed amount of fluoride. Fluoride is actually an element that strengthens teeth and fights cavities. Other factor also that exposes seniors to cavities is arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that often affects old people. This medical issue restricts seniors to grip a toothbrush. As a result, they find it difficult to perform regular brushing and flossing.

Old peeps with gum disease and dry mouth also reported to be exposed to cavities. Over 95% of seniors suffer from gum problems. While their roots are exposed, their teeth are vulnerable to dental problems, like cavities. Similar with gum disease, dry mouth has an effect to seniors. This condition often happens when a senior takes medication. Dry mouth affects saliva production. Without good saliva flow, the traces of food aren’t washed away, leaving acids promote cavities.

With the details above, it’s not wise to ignore dental care. For seniors out there, consider visiting your dentist regularly. Keep in mind that cavities don’t only affect teens and kids.