Digital Tomography 101

Dental x-rays are among the common things you’ll experience during your dental visit. This technique allows your dentist to view your teeth through pictures, helping him determine the type of problem you’re facing. Besides that, this allows your dentist to identify the best care for

Because of dental x-rays, a lot of dentists find it easier to conduct dental care. Through this two-dimensional device, they can now deliver the best care that every patient deserves. Now, imagine if dental x-rays offer three-dimensional features?

Meet digital tomography. Digital tomography is a type of dental x-ray that lets dentists assess your teeth from angle to angle, including the insides of your teeth. This device is made from combination of classic x-ray technology and computer system that processes different detailed information. No wonder why dentists called this invention as computed tomography. Digital tomography’s classic x-ray technology captures the images of your tooth. This includes the angle, the outside structure and the insides. Since digital tomography’s computer programs can read the images, it can easily build virtual models.

For years, digital tomography remains as the finest dental x-ray that offers state-of-the-art results to patients. In fact, even countless doctors can rely to this device, in the form of CT scanner. Unlike the traditional medical CT scanners, the effect of digital tomography to patients is quite different. Cone-beam computed tomography of dentistry exposes less radiation to patients which is ten times beneficial and favorable. Cone-beam computed tomography is also smaller in size. So it is convenient, handy and user-friendly unlike those typical large medical CT scanners.

Cone-beam computed tomography comes with different models. Most of them are square-like machines with a corresponding chair. Essentially, cone-beam computed tomography poses no pain to patients. All you need to do is sit normally in an upright-seated position and raise your chin. While you do that, the C-shaped arm rotates on your head, taking pictures to your facial and mouth structure. In typical cases, dentists might suggest you to close your eyes. After a minute, you’ll be surprised that everything’s all set and done.

A lot of dental offices still practice traditional dental x-rays. However, we cannot deny how digital tomography elevates the world of dentistry. Unlike traditional dental x-rays, digital tomography is easy to read. The images taken are not distorted. Thus, your dentist can easily maximize the images without affecting the quality of the photo. Cone-beam computed tomography also enables dentist to identify the parts of your tooth. The device can point different mouth areas, including the nerves, soft tissues and surrounding bones.

Aside from helping dentists in delivering the best care, digital tomography and cone-beam computed tomography can identify the warning signs of tumors. This feature is among the things traditional dental x-rays can’t do. After spotting the tumor, a corresponding dental treatment follows. And we all know how helpful early detection of dental problem is to us.

Digital tomography can also be used in performing dental implant procedures. The cone-beam computed tomography machine captures the images of your mouth and assesses the quality or the thickness of your jaw bone. Digital tomography also enables your dentist to locate areas that require no implants.

Indeed, digital tomography provides unmatched perks compared to traditional ones. Other than capturing images and providing the best dental treatments for you, this machine can also help you and your dentist in learning things related to your oral health. Computed tomography allows orthodontists to plan the best orthodontic treatment. As an addition, this machine can help assess and detect TMJ disorders, diagnose tumors, gum disease and evaluate patients with dental trauma. Digital tomography can also determine abnormal growths.

Although digital tomography has lesser radiation compared to traditional x-rays, it pays to learn that the success rate of this device always falls in your dentist’s hands. Thus, be sure to choose the most credible dentist. Don’t forget that digital tomography is among the newest products of modern dentistry. Hence, not all dentists can maneuver that.

Nevertheless, digital tomography has no matched to dental care. So never attempt switching them. Nothing can beat the natural.