The Drawbacks of Missing Teeth

The Drawbacks of Missing Teeth


When you keep healthier and complete set of teeth, there’s a 100 percent chance that you will get and possess excellent. As outlined by statistics, most adults agree that perfect smile is the best asset. Apart from increasing your self-esteem, this can also be a way to enhance and escalate your life in terms of socializing to other individuals. To most, perfect smile is only relished based on physical intervention. But little did they know that possessing excellent smile may also mean superb oral and overall health.

Indeed, excellent smile is a strong indication of having healthier way of life. And once you start losing such asset, your dental and general health might become prone to different medical conditions. If you have missing teeth, it’s a smart move to seek an early 24 hour dental office.


What Triggers Missing Teeth?

Since missing teeth has been a common problem these days, lots of dental specialists provide the top reasons why this circumstance happens. While young ones deemed tooth loss as a normal development, teens and adults find this situation extremely alarming. Children who experience tooth loss simply imply full development of permanent teeth. This is because all children tend to lose baby teeth before claiming the permanent ones.

Even though tooth loss appears to be a normal passage on kids, this case should not be disregarded when it comes to teens and adults. Tooth loss could mean something else and could be triggered by the following reasons:

Knocked-out Tooth – Dental problems occur and impact all individuals including those who are practicing the right oral regimen.  More often than not, missing tooth is triggered by accidents and mishaps. When you lose a tooth after a dreadful accident, it is advised to get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible. The primary reason for this is that missing tooth could bring about different dental problems.

Periodontal Disease – In present times, gum disease is the most common periodontal disorder. Basically, this type of oral problem exists during the adult stages which range from the age of 35. Gum disease is a perilous dental problem. This can be acquired in two different scenarios – lack of dental hygiene and genetic disposition. Regardless, it is recommended that you start visiting your dentist for regular dental exams and checkups for gum disease might result to further damages of tissues and tooth loss. By so doing, you can appropriately avoid the warning signs of gum disease. Remember that the lesser likelihood of gum disease, the higher chance of averting tooth loss.

Eating Disorders – Eating disorder is an unhealthy behavior in which individuals tend to overeat and get starved in a very unusual time and instances. This habit deprives the person from getting excellent oral health. The most common eating disorder is the bulimia nervosa where the person is purging the food repeatedly. Due to this, a person with eating disorder tends to compromise their oral health, allowing countless cavities to penetrate. A tooth covered by decays most likely prone to tooth loss.

Pregnancy – Expectant mothers are expected to experience various changes like hormonal changes and changes in the body itself. When facing these changes, pregnant mothers become susceptible to dental problems. The most common problem is the morning sickness where strong stomach acids are released, affecting the tooth enamel. When tooth enamel is compromised, the teeth become weak which may result to tooth loss. Thus, pregnant women are advised to practice proper oral hygiene to decrease the probability of cavities and gum disease. Oral cavities and gum disease are best candidates for tooth loss.

Hypodontia – Although considered as rare cases, hypodontia is still a serious condition in which a person possesses no permanent teeth. This condition may link to different serious medical conditions like ovarian cancer, hormonal fluctuations and the likes. Hypodontia can be identified and detected when a patient has multiple missing teeth excluding the third molars. Normally, accredited physicians consider hypodontia as a very rare case. This mostly takes place when a person fails to develop permanent teeth. Roughly, individuals with hypodontia encounters up to five permanent missing teeth.

Aging – Indeed, aging has its own fair share of producing missing teeth problem. When a person gets age, he experiences different types of health related problems such as osteoporosis. As we all know, drastic changes in hormone levels weak the bones which may impact the wellness and aesthetics of the teeth and jawbone. When the strong bond of teeth and bones is interrupted, a person suffers from tooth loss. Although getting old is inevitable, there are still effective ways you can choose in alleviating the said problem.


Tooth loss or missing tooth is not something you should neglect or disregard. Remember that any dental problems may result to extreme difficulties which may compromise your overall health. Based on experts, missing teeth can cause various problems like clinical depression, poor nutrition and communication breakdown. There are also studies show that missing teeth can result to premature aging which enables the jaw to shrink or collapse. Tooth erosion is also an effect of missing as well as dental woes. Dental woes are a type of condition where a person suffers from extreme wear and tear caused by the force of biting, bone loss and crooked teeth.

Regardless of the cause of your missing teeth, it is very imperative to avoid the specific problem. In case you are infected by tooth loss, there are optimum ways you can opt for like dental bridge, dental implants and dentures. However, be reminded that only those professional and authorized dentists can solve missing teeth. Avoid considering fake dentists with cheap treatments for it might increase the risk of your problem that may result to more serious damages.